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Eric Anderson: visionary

As the pioneer of the private spaceflight industry, Eric Anderson is not only an authority on the commercial space industry but also one of its most passionate visionaries.  

Ten years from now...

“I think ten years from now, several hundred
commercial orbital passengers will have been
to space.”
Eric Anderson

Speaker Topics

Mr. Anderson has remained in high demand internationally as a speaker since co-founding Space Adventures in 1998 and making history by launching the world’s first private space travelers to orbit. 

As a speaker, his experience includes delivering keynote addresses to large corporate, educational, and non-profit audiences, and detailed interviews and feature appearances in television news and educational programs. Some of Mr.  Anderson’s recent public appearances include the following:

  • Interviewed live on stage by CNN’s Richard Quest at the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Annual conference in Beijing, China
  • DLD-11 conference on a panel moderated by WIRED Magazine’s Spencer Reiss in Munich, Germany
  • World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland
  • TED and TEDGlobal conferences in the US and UK

Mr. Anderson draws heavily upon the lessons he learned in creating the world’s first space tourism company and pioneering new perceptions of the commercial use of space in his speeches.  Although the commercial space market serves as the framework for his speeches, his topics are applicable to any industry, market, academic endeavor, or other area.  Some of the topics on which Mr. Anderson speaks regularly include:

1. Space Resources: Expanding the economic sphere of the human race into the solar system.

Space resources hold the ultimate answer to the survival of our civilization.  We live on planet whose population is ever growing, and we have to bring the Solar System into our economic sphere of influence.  Out there lies the answer to our problems and in order to harness those resources, we must continue to explore and improve our capability to operate in space.

2. The Next Decade of Space Travel: What to Expect.

The next decade will be a golden age of private space travel. More than a hundred private space travelers will experience orbital and some even circumlunar flights.  A few thousand will experience suborbital space flights and tens of thousands will enjoy Zero Gravity flights on Earth. More individuals will fly in space in the next decade, than in all of the previous time since the dawn of the space age.

3. Innovation, creativity and “thinking outside the planet”

Eric Anderson built the private space travel industry from the ground up with a combination of innovation, determination, entrepreneurial spirit.  The lessons learned along the way are applicable to other bold endeavors and can help entrepreneurs learn how to approach seemingly insurmountable problems.

4. The real story on Space-Based Solar Power.

The sun bathes the Earth with enough clean solar energy every minute to power our planet’s electricity needs for an entire year or more.  By collecting solar energy in space, where the sun always shines, it is possible to create a limitless source of energy to power the global economy.  The technology capable of harnessing space-based solar power exists today, but there are enormous challenges and risks yet to overcome.

5.  The Future of Programming

There are big changes in store for how software is created that enables anyone to encode their knowledge and expertise in computer programs without ever writing a line of code.  Imagine if it didn’t take an army of computer programmers to create, change or customize software?  What if you could not only write your OWN software but also make everything in your life, at work and at home, programmable?  Thanks to exciting new developments in knowledge processing and meta-programming, this future is closer than you think.

As most topics are forum specific, we invite you to contact us regarding your event, learn more about Mr. Anderson and the unique perspective he brings, and discuss hosting Mr. Anderson as your keynote speaker.